Favorite Items on My Desk (Hint: They breathe!)

We’re back for the second installment of Writer Wednesdays, a year-long blog party by a group of Firebirds (2012 Golden Heart finalists). Here is this month’s prompt:


This is an interesting one for me, because…I don’t have a desk! I think if I had to actually sit in an office, it would hamper my creativity. So I have several places where I write. When I get bogged down and the words aren’t flowing the way I’d like them to, it’s time for a change of scenery. I move from the dining room table to the screen room to the recliner to a beach chair in the front yard.

But there’s usually at least one “object” that follows me wherever I choose to write.

This one:

Midnight in dining room

Or this one:

Itsy in screen room

Or this one:

Morgan in yard

Sometimes I’m blessed with all three:

writing with animals

All three of my animals are rescues. We got Midnight (our black cat) from the pound a couple of hours before he was going to be gassed. Itsy (our gray and white cat) came from the Humane Society, and Morgan (our long-haired dachshund) was taken out of a very abusive home. I think animals understand what you save them from and respond by giving you their undying love. And what better inspiration is there than that?

Now that you’ve read about the favorite “items” on my desk, check out what my writer friends have written. (For future topics, see the calendar below.)

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This month, we are celebrating the release of KD Fleming’s Her Hometown Reporter.



The reporter is looking for a story that’ll be his ticket out of his small Georgia town. With her political connections, legal assistant Gina Lawson could help Toby realize his aspirations. Their friendship is just an added bonus, but falling in love isn’t part of his five-year plan.
Gina’s devoted to her family and community, and doesn’t plan to ever leave. Though she finds her favorite reporter maddeningly irresistible, she must guard her heart. But when a betrayal of trust threatens to shatter both their dreams, will Gina and Toby learn that they share the same values after all?



13 thoughts on “Favorite Items on My Desk (Hint: They breathe!)

    1. Thanks, Karen. I’ve always found being surrounded by animals soothing, as long as Midnight isn’t pressing keys on my laptop! I’ve had some weird things show up in manuscripts!


  1. Love your cats, Carol. I have a rescue dog and he sits beneath my desk almost all day while I write. I think he likes the heat/ac vent, but my kids think he sits there hoping I’ll rub his belly with my foot. Either way, I love having him next to me while I work. 🙂


    1. He just loves being with you. Since I’ve been home full-time, my dog has gotten really bad with not wanting me to leave. I can be gone an hour, and when I come home, the way she whimpers and carries on, you’d think she hasn’t seen me in three weeks!


  2. My cat, Nutmeg, was also a rescue, pulled out of a storm drain with her kittens, so they told me, and fostered by a local group called Second Chance Pets until I found her. She does like to sit in my lap, but it’s not easy to type over a fifteen pound cat, so she gets sent off to her own rocking chair or the cat carrier under the desk if I’m really trying to type. She knows that’s a good way to get my attention, when she thinks it’s time for a meal (and she usually hopes it might be time for a meal).


    1. Thanks for commenting, Kay. I love to hear about animals being rescued. I know what you mean about typing over a 15-pound cat. Midnight is between 17 and 18, and that’s his favorite place, sitting in my lap with his paws against the laptop.


  3. I love that you were able to save those cute critters and give them a good home! And what great desk accessories they make! (And they probably even keep your feet warm in the winter! )


  4. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos, Carol. Your animals look so comfy and secure. Rescuing them is a blessing for you and them.
    All of our cats over the last several years have been strays wandering by.. Kitty was found amid the tomato plants in the garden. We could have called her Veggie Tales but she’d only answer to Kitty. Curly, Boots, Blacky, Lajni, and Neo were strays. Sophie was found at 5wks in a Target parking lot. My vet had her in his office and now she’s mine. Our dog Peanut was a dachshund mix and lived with us for 12 years. Now that my husband wants to retire….a new dog will be added to our home. I’ll have company for my feet 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jean. You’ve rescued a lot of cats over the years. One of mine years ago I rescued as a kitten from a grocery store parking lot. She was scared to death, running between the cars. I had to chase her down, but she ended up being with us for 14 years. I always hate to hear of people buying a pet when there are so many sweet cats and dogs that need a home.


  5. Those are classic pictures, Carol! You wee animals look so trusting and calm–like they know they have the best mom ever 🙂 Congrats on your new blog! Love it!


  6. LOL! What a sweet post! I love the picture of all three of them hanging around your sides! They know the right place to be. 🙂 Perfect “desk accessories,” all of them!


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